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A disclaimer

Trained as an Illustrator in Philadelphia, I have ventured far from my roots with my current art. Using a variety of mediums, from Digital to Oil to Markers and Clay, I am more concerned about creating a character who tells a story rather than an image from that story. 


 I have no intentions anymore to create a clear image with a point. (A statement that would make my college professors roll their eyes) Instead, I would rather just draw. And as I draw, something appears. It manifests as a thing. That thing changes from one moment to the next, and along the way, its history just develops. It is just created. And I think that's beautiful.


I have no intention to alter that organic story. I am, after all, nothing more than a bystander of circumstance. A vessel for these wavelenghts in the air to manifest in a physical form. The words themselves may not be all that pretty, the past may not be all that pleasant, but the creation is brilliant nonetheless. 

When you look at my art, do not ask me what it is about. Because often times, I do not know much more than you do. I only record the vibrations of my part of the world. In fact, you might know more than I do. Because if you've seen it, you were supposed to. You add to it and reveal more of whats hidden, just by the very act of seeing.

Now that I am older. Mom of a toddler. Trying to keep a house in order, I dont have the time to fret about what my paintings are about with some elaborate story. I simply create them. That act, in itself, gives them a story.




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Nyack NY United States

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